Emotional & Drainage Detox Clearings

Emotional Detox Clearings

Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR) is a holistic method designed to help you release emotional/mental/spiritual blocks and toxins, limiting beliefs, trauma and emotions imprinted within the subconscious mind and the body. With MBSR we are able to go deep and clear these imprints within various organs, pathogens, hormones, neurotransmitters and cells within the body. While many times we may not be consciously aware of these patterns, our body quite literally keeps the score and these can manifest as anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, and even as physical symptoms.

Emotions are truly the root of our health. Suppressed emotions that store in areas of the body create a weakened state of functionality, making the body more susceptible to illness. Emotions and physical health are closely connected. If you are struggling with your health, consider for a moment that we repress emotions all of our lives. When decades of suppressed emotions are finally released with MBSR, we allow the body to use the resources of repression to now heal.  

How                   Can Help You:

MBSR reprograms any coping mechanisms that have been built from your stress experiences including any false beliefs and negative life patterns.

MBSR resets the brain and neurological pathways to all areas of the body so that your body can begin to heal itself.

MBSR allows us to clear the stagnant energy within the body and facilitate a physical detox as the body opens up its pathways and begins to release what no longer belongs.

MBSR helps the body accept protocols quicker and expedites the healing journey when we release trapped emotions from the body.


Detox Drainage PathwayClearings

Emotional support for your mitochondria and drainage pathways 

Each remote session with consist of identifying energetic blocks in your drainage funnel and clearing them using Mind Body Spirit Release so your drainage pathways can function more efficiently. 

Using muscle testing, I will identify stuck emotions and limiting beliefs in your mitochondria, intestines, liver/gallbladder, and lymphatic system.

Identifying and addressing energetic blocks and releasing them allows your body to not only drain properly (which is imperative for health), but also allows your body to detox toxins more effectively. 

Think of these clearings as emotional support for your mitochondria and drainage funnel.  

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after a session

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what to expect

In your initial session we will discuss your history and begin drafting an intention to work through. The intention is the filter through which I will muscle test to identify what combination of trauma, pathogens, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and toxins are affecting your nervous system in such a way that it is leading to physical, mental, and emotional health concerns. 

MBSR is a wonderful addition to any healing protocol as we cannot heal the physical body without also addressing the emotional piece. Clearing the stagnant energy within the body can also lead to physical detox as the body opens up its pathways and begins to release what no longer belongs. 

The releases you may experience after an MBSR session are as unique and individual as the session itself as every person processes through the clearing differently. Many people immediately feel like a weight is lifted and are very relaxed and even a bit detached, while others go through a detox of sorts as the body is finally able to release stored physical and emotional toxins. This is short lived and should subside within 24-48 hours.

After every session you will  be provided you with tools/at home support that are muscle tested and unique to you to help support your physical and emotional body as you process and release what was cleared in your session. 

 Sessions can be held in person or remotely. 

Client Love

 “Ayla is a natural born healer. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to work with Ayla. She will be one of the greatest health practitioners of our time.” 

"Ayla is a wonderful guide for anyone who is ready to step out of the suffering of chronic illness and into the true magic of the self healing journey.."

"Ayla has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. She is so kind and has the most calming spirit". 

"Ayla is the brightest light. I would recommend anyone to work with her". 

"Ayla truly has a gift. Her clearings are always aligned with what I need that day and have been transformative in my healing".