She needed someone to heal her

so she became a healer.

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I met my husband on AOL chat in 1999. Where are my 90's kids at?!


more about me

I have my Masters degree in Social Work with a concentration in Health Care. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & former therapist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner. I am fully trained and certified in muscle testing, Bioresonance, DUTCH hormone testing, and Functional Blood Chemistry Labs, along with other functional testing modalities.

I  have over a decade of personal experience overcoming health challenges such as anxiety, autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, numerous tick borne co-infections, heavy metal and mold toxicity, parasites, SIBO, MCAS, Complex PTSD, leaky gut, hormonal imbalances and more…

After being confined to my bed for 2.5 years, I finally realized that chronic illness wasn’t happening to me, it was happening for me. It was through this experience with chronic Lyme disease that changed everything for me. I was done going to battle. Resisting. Fighting. Being angry. Feeling sorry for myself. Clinging to people, places and things no longer serving me. 

To truly heal is to let go and trust the path the universe is guiding you on. Healing is available to all of us, the body has the capacity to fully heal, you just have to believe it.