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Wellness for your mind, body, and soul with a focus on functional testing,  energy medicine + emotional releases.

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Carefully curated offerings to nourish and support your mind, body, and soul. I am deeply committed to helping you reverse anxiety, heal gut issues, and uncover root causes to complex symptoms so you can heal deeply... for real this time. 

Emotional Releases:
Mind Body
Spirit Release 

A powerful energy healing modality that is used to help relieve the body of stressors impacting health and wellbeing. 

Wellness Check:
Functional Labs and Foundations for Healing

This unique 30 day program focuses on foundations for health. We will dive deep into functional blood chemistry analysis and begin supporting your entire body based on its own unique needs. We will focus on your nervous system and incorporate drainage pathway support for both the physical and emotional body. 

Wellness Container:
1:1 Root Cause Program

The Healing Girl's most exclusive 1:1 Root Cause Healing Program with a 3 or 6 month option. Here you won't find band aid approaches or quick fixes. We will dive deep together--Root cause healing means getting to the physical, emotional and spiritual roots of your symptoms and imbalances so you can deeply heal.

These healing circles serve as a juicy container and sacred space for personal reflection, healing and spiritual growth. A synergistic combination of MBSR emotional detox clearings + Reiki healing. Held virtually in collaboration with Naturally Rach.

Next Circle: Wednesday
September 13th 5pm PST
Energetic exchange: $44
Space is limited


“Ayla changed my life. She is the brightest light. I would recommend anyone to work with her.”

"She has a unique ability to get to the root causes of symptoms to facilitate deep healing. No more band-aid approaches."

“My first clearing with Ayla was profoundly healing. She is a true healer.”

"The emotions that came up for me were so spot on, I was almost in disbelief of how accurate they were. After the clearing I noticed the deep energetic shifts in my body and I came to realize that I had outgrown so much in my life."

“Ayla is a natural born healer. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to work with Ayla.”

She will be one of the greatest health practitioners of our time.”

lets get healing

Guiding women on a soulful journey to become free from anxiety, uncover root causes to chronic illness + heal deeply 

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